UE_LOGO2013 High Altitude
Intercollegiate Balloon Competition

office (812) 488-2570
fax (812) 488-2662


2/25/2013 PID posted to rules website

2/21/2013  A Test "Command Pod" is available for teams to use to test Zigbee communications.  We can send this out for test purposes, but you will need to send the test module back after two business days.  Please make sure that you are at a point that you can test all of the communications before asking that the module be sent out to your team.

2/21/2013 Competition PODS have been sent out to all of the teams.  You should be receving them soon at the address indicated on your registration.

2/21/2013 Team Registrations are Closed!!
                        Central State University
                                Norfolk State University   
                                University of Minnesota
of Evansville
DePauw University

1/29/2013 Reminder Registration Deadline 2//14/2013.

1/29/2013 Updates including serial protocol have been added to Rules.

DUE DATE for Registration February 14, 2013.